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API Integration

With our API Integration, you’ll be able to offer your clients and employees more than $5 billion in ticket inventory while still having control of the customer experience. 

Whether you’re in the process of building or want to build your own website, mobile application or rewards/incentives platform, we can help launch our ticket inventory on your website quickly and easily.

We even let you choose the programming language. Fill out the form below to learn more.


Add features to your apps, including event and ticket listings, data analytics, shopping cart and checkout.


We make it possible to integrate with different API versions and formats.

Testing API Documentation

Send requests to get predictable responses to ensure that your code does what you expect.

TFL API Integration Features

Catalogs: Retrieve full or partial lists with specific filters.


Look for specific events using detailed criteria.

Quick Search:

Search by market, venue, city, state/province, headliner, event date or range.

Advanced Search

Search by market, venue, city, state/province, headliner, event date, range, postal code, category, or any combination.

Shopping Cart: Use our API Integration to create a shopping cart, add tickets, submit payment information and checkout. We’ll take the rest off your hands.

If you’re interested in building a brand/identity, want to own all or most of the customer experience and the ability to remarket to customers, let’s discuss our API Integration or another solution.

Interested in accessing our API Integration Documentation? Fill out the form below.