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Our Proprietary Open Distribution Software

What is TFLConnect?

TFLConnect is an advanced ticketing and distribution platform designed to revolutionize the way sports teams, entertainers and rightsholders manage and distribute their ticket inventory. By leveraging TFLConnect, users have full control over their primary ticket sales and can seamlessly broadcast inventory on the secondary market down to the seat level. This innovative solution gives insights into listings and sales, enabling real-time performance tracking and pricing adjustments to maximize revenue and attendance.

Who Uses TFLConnect?

TFLConnect is used by a variety of collegiate and professional sports teams, venues and other rightsholders looking to price and distribute inventory to primary and secondary markets simultaneously. Our platform caters to those who seek to capture the full market value of their tickets by tapping into both the primary and secondary markets.

Why We Created TFLConnect

We created TFLConnect to transform the ticketing landscape by offering a comprehensive solution that unlocks new revenue streams, shows demand and pricing insights and captures new fans. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge technology that supports an integrated partnership model. By continuously innovating and expanding our capabilities, we strive to help our partners achieve greater market penetration and profitability.