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What is NIL Seats?

NIL Seats is a best-in-class ticketing platform that gives your donors, alumni, students and other fans the opportunity to support your student-athletes by purchasing tickets to any live event. In addition to your school’s games, NIL Seats offers tickets to concerts, theater shows and other sporting events nationwide.

How It Works

Using TFL’s industry-leading technology, each school has their own custom URL that leads to an e-commerce ticket website branded specifically to that school. Each website features an aggregated inventory feed of tickets to all live events nationwide with no added service fees for your fans at checkout.

Empower Your Athletes

NIL Seats gives fans the opportunity to continue shopping for their favorite live events nationwide but with the added benefit of supporting their favorite student-athletes. Any time a ticket is purchased through NIL Seats, athletes are able to further build their personal brands, earnings and connections with supporters, further engaging your fan base and enhancing the student-athlete experience.