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Reward Your Employees for Their Work

Why Are Live Events Trending?

Brands may believe that traditional employee rewards are what engage, retain and motivate employees. We found that’s not the case. According to a study from The Harris Poll on behalf of TFL, seven in 10 American workers said they “value experiences such as live events more than material things.” So much so that on average, working Americans spent $802 on live events in the last year. 

Additionally, 64% of working Americans want to attend more live events next year, with the average American employee wanting to attend 11 more in 2024. 

72% Value experiences over material things
70% Experience at least one benefit from attending live events
82% Say it feels “good to connect with others at live events”

Unleashing Workplace Engagement

From enticing employee incentives, comprehensive rewards programs and fostering employee retention, we understand the modern workplace.

Elevate your employee rewards programs by going beyond traditional methods and using an innovative approach to rewards and incentives. The demand for live events is at an all-time high, and having a rewards program that creates a culture of motivation and achievement is a win for both you and your employees.

Learn more about how to unleash the potential of employee rewards through live events by downloading our exclusive white paper in partnership with The Harris Poll, and discover why live events are the key to employee engagement.

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The Live Event Employer Gap

Because working Americans consider live events beneficial to their well-being, having access to tickets as an employee incentive is a no-brainer. Despite 72% of American workers wishing their company offered free or heavily discounted live event tickets as a perk, only 24% say their employers do. 

This presents a major opportunity for employers, which, if capitalized on, can lead to employee retention, satisfaction and engagement. 

Advantages of Adding Live Events as an Employee Incentive

Working Americans have raised their standards for benefits packages, with 68% agreeing they expect more from employers than three years ago in terms of work-life benefits. By adding live events to your employee benefits package, your company can realize returns in the workplace.

66% Workers said they would recommend their employer
62% Workers said they would stay with their employer longer
59% Workers said they would be more productive at work

That’s where we come in. Whether you’re a corporation, employee rewards provider or a perks hub looking to expand your offerings, TFL’s technology stocks your dollars-based, points-based or split-tender-based system with sports, concert and theater tickets, ensuring that all employees feel appreciated.


With the option of a private label website or API integration, you can offer employee rewards such as discounted live event tickets the way you want to. We recommend using the private label website that will be branded to your company. This option will get you up and running faster and more efficiently. If you’re not ready for a whole new website, your developer can embed our ticket inventory into your employee portal.

You can even choose from our templates or create something custom.

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Expand Your Knowledge

Find out more about how your company can accelerate your benefits package by adding live event tickets as an employee incentive. Gain additional insight into employee retention, employee rewards programs and much more below.  


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an employee. How can I get my company to offer discounted tickets?

If you have a manager or company leader that you think should know about our product, sign up here. Our business development team will reach out with more information!

How can I reward my employees with your product?

We create and host private label websites for live events as well as an API developers can integrate into their platform. We also offer an affiliate program to our clients.

Having access to a trusted ticketing source from their employer with prices that are below the market value – and sometimes below the original purchase price – is a reward.

Beyond that, you can create promo codes and gift cards for your employees to discount their tickets even further. Our data shows they’ll feel recognized, appreciated and work even harder.

Can I set up a website so employees can purchase tickets with rewards “points” instead of using their credit card?

Yes. We support a variety of purchasing options including paying with “dollars” (i.e. credit card, PayPal, etc.), your own branded loyalty points or a combination of both.