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Reward Your Loyal Customers

Why Live Events?

Brands may believe that other rewards can have the same effect on consumer loyalty. We found that’s not the case. According to a study from The Harris Poll on behalf of TFL, 7 in 10 American workers said they “value experiences such as live events more than material things.” So much so that on average, working Americans spent $802 on live events in the last year.

Additionally, 64% of working Americans want to attend more live events next year, with the American employee wanting to attend 11 more in 2024, on average.

Integrating Live Events With Loyalty

Brands do – and will continue to – consistently bring in new customers, but what sets successful companies apart from others are the relationships they build with individuals. Whether a brand is looking to build consumer spending, frequency or interactions, loyalty programs help keep customers coming back. That’s why it’s important to offer them the rewards they want.

We asked American workers what they would do if a brand allowed them to use loyalty points for live event tickets.

62% Would spend more money with a brand
63% Would use that brand instead of a competitor
64% Would recommend that brand to others

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Tailored For You

Our system stocks dollars-based, points-based and split-tender-based loyalty programs with tickets to live events nationwide.


Reward your customers with discounted live event tickets through a private label website or API Integration. We recommend using the private label website that will be branded to your company. This option will allow you to seamlessly go-to-market faster and more efficiently. If you don’t want to commit to an entirely new site, we can embed our ticket inventory into your loyalty program.

Choose from our templates or create something custom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have SSO (single sign-on)?

Yes, through our Private Label website product we have this feature. Your team could also integrate our APIs into your solution and support this.

Do you have an API that our developers can use?

Yes, we have an API as well as private label websites and other solutions. Check out our technology page for more information.

Does TFL provide marketing support?

Our client success team will provide proactive assistance to ensure you have what you need including, but not limited to, weekly updates on what is trending and new in the live events space.