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Top Teams’ Ticket Prices in First Week After NFL Schedule Release
Top Teams’ Ticket Prices in First Week After NFL Schedule Release

Top Teams’ Ticket Prices in First Week After NFL Schedule Release

The 2024 NFL schedule was officially released last week, but only after several games were leaked including the first game of the season when the Baltimore Ravens visit the Kansas City Chiefs for a 2023 AFC Championship rematch.

There will be 14 games that are rematches of previous Super Bowls this season, including last season’s Chiefs-49ers matchup, which saw the Chiefs win the title.

The Chiefs are looking to be the first team in NFL history to win three Super Bowls in a row, and ticket prices show it. When comparing the average ticket price for home and away games throughout the first week after the schedule was released, Patrick Mahomes’ team has the highest average cost at $506 per ticket.

The Chicago Bears, who earlier this year announced a possible new stadium in the coming years, have the second highest average ticket price for the season at $475.

The Bears are followed by the Green Bay Packers at $457, Dallas Cowboys at $435 and Detroit Lions at $410.

Streaming Shift

This year, the league is getting even further into streaming. It was announced last week that Netflix will air NFL games live for the first time ever on Christmas Day: the Chiefs-Pittsburgh Steelers game and the Ravens-Houston Texans game.

This has prompted some to compare ticket prices to streaming costs – in addition to Netflix, the league has deals to stream games on Amazon Prime, Peacock and ESPN+.

In fact, it would reportedly cost more to pay for all the network subscriptions to watch the Carolina Panthers’ home games than it would to attend every game this season.

While there’s no way to tell how having so many streaming services will affect attendance, there’s a chance that fans will be more inclined to go to games, and they might even pick what games they go to based on what streaming services they already have.