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TFL Attends 2024 Bowl Season Annual Meeting 
TFL Attends 2024 Bowl Season Annual Meeting 

TFL Attends 2024 Bowl Season Annual Meeting 

Last month, TFL CRO Clay Discher spoke on the Ticketing Solutions panel at the 2024 Annual Bowl Season Meeting in El Paso, Texas.

Throughout the panel, Clay spoke on several current topics within the ticketing industry and shared more about how TFL works with its partners.

Consolidating Secondary Partners

Clay emphasized the benefits of rightsholders – both bowls and others – consolidating their secondary partners and what that can do for ticketing strategies.

“No matter how good the bowl does at consolidating, you still have two schools on the other end that have their own needs and priorities,” Clay said. “The more consolidation, the better – in our opinion.

You have better pricing controls, you have more open and in-depth conversations with your partner. You’re probably getting better data, better insights and better analytics our of that partner because they understand the entirety of the market – not just their small piece of it.

I think over time you’ll realize more revenue, more seats sold and more seats sold where you want them sold.”

Ways to Move Tickets

When asked how TFL creatively moves its tickets, Clay referenced TFL’s retail website ( and other parts of its B2B business.

“I’ve mentioned we’ve got a large retail brand, so we’ve got a great marketing department and some creative ways to push out inventory and quick-turn situations.

We also have a benefit aggregator business where companies give rewards to their employees for a job well done, promotion, time served, etc. Those points can be turned into a variety of things. It allows us to make targeted marketing pushes in specific areas of the country where those games will be the most prevalent. Lastly, we’ve got a ton of white label distribution channels that we can manage and massage to make sure we maximize our sell-through.”

NIL Seats

Clay also mentioned TFL’s new product, NIL Seats, which is a white label platform that allows TFL’s partners or their collectives to bring in revenue for every live event ticket sold – including concerts, theater and other sports games – on their own branded NIL Seats website.

“It attracts a die-hard fan,” Clay said. “Because of how we adjust the markups, we’re no more expensive than any other marketplace, so it’s truly incremental revenue. We’re not asking for any additional dollars from their donors who are already stretched thin. It’s a seat they’re buying anyway at a price they’d pay anywhere else.”

Clay and other TFL employees who attended the Annual Meeting had a great time meeting with their industry peers and enjoyed sharing more about TFL.