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Employee Rewards

The Link Between Employee Engagement and Rewards 
The Link Between Employee Engagement and Rewards 

The Link Between Employee Engagement and Rewards 

In an era where workplace connections and employee morale are as prevalent as ever, the tie between employee engagement and rewards has evolved into a profound harmony. A recent study from TFL conducted by The Harris Poll looked at the nuances in employee satisfaction, presenting opportunities for employers to redefine their benefits strategies in the future.  

Today’s work scene is changing quickly; more people are switching jobs when they’re unhappy or looking for remote or hybrid work to avoid going in the office five days each week. Given this shift, it’s crucial for employers to rethink how they take care of their employees. The idea of simply just having a stable job is old – people want to feel engaged and value where they work, too. 

It’s on employers to offer benefits that match what their employees really want. The link between employees’ engagement and the perks they get – like unforgettable experiences and live events – is a game-changer. It’s how employers make work a place where people feel connected and happy. 

The study uncovered a desire from employees for a more holistic approach to benefits.  

  • A staggering 78% of working Americans expressed the belief that employers should embrace benefits on a deeper, more personal level, straying aways from classic incentives like gas cards or free snacks.  
  • While live events have emerged as a benefit that workers want (72%), only 24% of respondents reported that their employer offers this option.  

For workers, live events make benefits packages more competitive and foster a sense of value within the workplace. Twice as many respondents whose employers offer live events believe their company provides competitive benefits in comparison to employers who don’t offer live events.  

This goes beyond competitiveness. Live events touch the emotional core of employee satisfaction – over 69% of respondents feel a profound sense of care from their employer when they’re offered tickets to live events or heavily discounted tickets. This solution can be as simple as integrating a ticketing platform into their own website. 

Adding live events as a benefits option not only increases satisfaction and productivity, it also sparks a willingness from workers to invest more effort in their daily work – creating a positive ripple effect within the workplace. This extends to job satisfaction, employees feeling recognized and, most importantly, being able to find solace from work stress through live events.

Employers Win 

Employers stand to gain significantly from meeting the standards of what their employees want from live events. Six in 10 (61%) working Americans revealed they’ve stayed with an employer longer than anticipated solely due to a compelling benefits package. 

In addition, a remarkable 61% expressed that they would be more willing to go “above and beyond” at work if they were to be rewarded with live event tickets. 

Whether seeking to increase retention, foster a work-life balanced culture or reward employees in innovative ways, live event tickets have emerged as a proven strategy that goes beyond tangible perks, creating environments where employees thrive both emotionally and professionally.