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Employees Want Live Events as a Benefit, Employers Miss the Mark
Employees Want Live Events as a Benefit, Employers Miss the Mark

Employees Want Live Events as a Benefit, Employers Miss the Mark

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (Dec. 12, 2023) — Benefits are increasingly important to employees and can affect their engagement and satisfaction at work, according to new research conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of TFL.

The study, which included a survey of 2,001 American full-time employees ages 18+, found that eight in 10 (78%) Americans agree that “employers should approach benefits on a more holistic level,” with another 68% expecting a lot more from employers than they did “3 years ago in terms of work-life benefits.”

The question for many employers is how to accomplish the feat as only 34% of Americans are satisfied with their employer’s benefits that allow them to have fun outside of work. But the survey also revealed a major opportunity for companies.

The Live Event Employer Gap

The survey found that live events are an untapped tool for employers striving to meet their employees’ growing benefits standards.

Despite 72% of Americans wishing their company offered free or heavily discounted live events as a corporate perk, only 24% of respondents said their employers do – last among other recognition tools for employers.

  • 57% of employers recognize employees in front of team members
  • 49% offer cash bonuses
  • 46% provide free meals
  • 42% provide extra time off
  • 37% offer gift cards
  • 35% gives special certificates

Live events make benefits packages more competitive. Twice as many Americans (54%) whose employers offer live events feel their company provides competitive benefits packages, while only 29% of respondents whose employers don’t offer them agree.

Satisfied Employees

Employers that provide live event tickets as a benefit are twice as likely to have employees that feel more valued and recognized (52% and 49%, respectively) than employers that don’t (25% and 25%, respectively).

  • 69% of Americans said they’d “feel that my employer cares about me” if their employer offered live events tickets or heavy discounts
  • 68% agreed they’d feel more satisfied with their job
  • 67% agreed they’d feel more recognized for their personal performance
  • 73% said “live events as a corporate perk would help me unwind from work stress.”

The survey revealed that companies that offer free or discounted live event tickets are also more likely to have employees that feel productive, engaged and satisfied at work than companies that don’t.

Employers Benefit, Too

The desire for live events among employees is so high for respondents that companies who offer them are benefiting themselves.

  • 61% of Americans said they’d go above and beyond at work if their employer offered live event tickets as a reward
  • 66% said they’d recommend the employer to others
  • 62% said they’d stay with the employer longer
  • 59% agreed they’d be more productive at work
  • 57% said they’d put more effort in their day-to-day tasks

Six in 10 (61%) respondents said they’ve “stayed with an employer longer than I anticipated mainly because of their wide-ranging benefits package.”

Whether companies are looking to build employee retention, create a better work-life balance culture or just want a new way to reward their employees, live event tickets are proven to help businesses succeed.

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Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of TFL from September 1 to September 11, 2023, surveying 2,001 American full-time employees ages 18+. These employees work in industries ranging from financial services to retail and CPG to healthcare to education and more, and work for companies ranging from small (<150) to very large (5,000+).

The data have been weighted to the population of the U.S. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. 

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